Interest-only home loans

24 August 2020

Interest-only home loans

If you’re looking for a home or investment property loan, interest-only loans are one of your two major options – the other is a principal and interest (P & I) loan.

What is an interest-only home loan?

An interest-only loan requires you to only make interest payments for a set period (usually up to five years). There is no reduction in the total amount you borrow (your principal) during that time.

At the end of your interest-only period, your loan typically reverts to a P & I loan until you repay the full amount you borrow over a much longer period (usually 25 years).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of interest-only home loans?

The pros:

  • Interest-only home loan repayments are lower than P & I repayments for loans of the same amount. That’s because you’re only paying interest, not principal and interest.
  • This home loan option provides you with a higher tax deductions if you’re borrowing for an investment property. That’s because the amount you borrow doesn’t reduce like it does on a P & I loan.
  • You can use interest-only loans for short-term purposes like bridging or construction loans. A bridging loan helps you to buy a new property while you’re waiting for funds from the sale of your existing property. A construction loan finances the building of a new home. Once building is completed, the interest-only loan reverts to a P & I loan.

The cons:

  • You’ll pay more overall on an interest-only loan that converts to a P & I loan. That’s because your principal isn’t being reduced during the interest-only period, so you’re being charged more interest.
  • Your repayments will increase significantly at the end of your interest-only period. You’ll need to be able to afford these higher repayments.
  • You won’t build any equity (ownership) in your interest-only period with your repayments like you would with a P & I loan. You’ll only build equity if the value of your property increases.

The bottom line

Whether this type of loan is appropriate for you depends on your individual circumstances.

What is a comparison interest rate?

Two interest rates are usually advertised on any loan product in Australia: nominal and comparison. The comparison rate is the higher of the two and includes the cost of interest plus all associated fees/charges. Lenders are legally required to provide you with the comparison rate before you take out a loan under Australia’s National Credit Code.

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