Phases of the Property Cycle

20 September 2021

Should You Rent or Buy?

If you want to invest in property, it’s important to understand the property cycle. It has four phases:
1) boom

2) upswing

3) stagnant

4) downturn.

We’ll look at each of these phases in turn.

The boom phase

The boom phase is when property prices are rising quickly. Australian property prices are currently in a boom phase. Property prices in regional areas in Australia have grown by more than 20% over the last year. They have risen by more than 20% in Australia’s capital cities. This is significantly higher than the long-term annual average.

Many factors are driving this boom phase, including:

The upswing phase

The upswing phase is when prices are rising after a stagnant or downswing phase. In other words, it is when prices start rising again after a period where they have remained stable or declined.

Australian property prices were in the upswing phase before they entered the current boom phase.

The stagnant phase

The stagnant phase tends to follow the upswing or boom phases. It is where prices stabilise for an extended period. It’s likely that the Australian property market will enter this phase in the next few years.

The downturn phase

The downturn phase is a period where prices temporarily drop. Often it happens after prices have risen too sharply during a boom period. It is sometimes called a correction phase.

When should you buy in the property cycle?

Common sense dictates that you should buy when property prices are at their lowest. However, no one can predict how long any of the phases will last. Property prices depend on demand and supply. Properties in good locations tend to always be in short supply and high demand.

You should always:

  • aim to buy in a good location. Good locations are where people want to live for work and lifestyle reasons.
  • view property as a long-term investment. If you hold onto property for seven years or more, it will give you time to capitalise on any market upswings or booms.

It’s also important to be aware that different property markets within Australia can be in different phases at the same time. The demand in some areas can be higher than others. In addition, the demand for certain types of properties (e.g. houses versus apartments) can be higher than others at the same time.

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