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How to Become a Landlord

More and more Australians are becoming landlords by buying investment properties. Having an investment property allows you to: generate rental income from tenants (that you can use to pay off your investment property loan). pay...

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Extra Costs to Consider When Buying a Home
Refinancing Tips

Have you ever considered refinancing your home loan? If you haven’t, it’s worth considering every few years. You might be able to save yourself plenty of money, especially with interest rates in Australia being at...

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Home Loan Cash Back Deals
What is Home Loan Serviceability?

‘Serviceability’ is home loan jargon for your ability to make (‘service’) your home loan repayments. When you apply for a home loan, your lender will calculate your serviceability ratio. Factors that affect home loan serviceability...

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Should You Rent or Buy?
Phases of the Property Cycle

If you want to invest in property, it’s important to understand the property cycle. It has four phases:1) boom 2) upswing 3) stagnant 4) downturn. We’ll look at each of these phases in turn. The...

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